The one thing I feel differently about compared to most special needs parents..

So from the start of our journey my husband and I have both agreed on many things but one thing for certain is…IF we could take away Autism and all that is included with it from our son we would in a heart beat!!! Does that mean we don’t love our son for who he is? UM NO! It means we want more for our son- we hate seeing him struggle with every day task, or knowing what it is to socialize with his peers , play functionally with his toys, not need therapies but to just be a kid! This is just the beginning of our journey we’re only 2 years in and a lifetime to go..and although Sawyer has made SO MUCH progress between going to school and starting all of his therapies we just want him to be able to be a kid! I feel like we’ve finally found a somewhat of a “happy medium” with all of his providers and are praying that we continue to see more progress with his therapy programs. However we’ve hit a road block with his behaviors. He is almost completely non-compliant during all therapy sessions. Most of his providers feel that it is a phase and that he is finally figuring he “has a voice” and he’s saying “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” I wish you didn’t have to buddy, I wish you didn’t have to.

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