Holidays, New Year & everything in between (part 1)

SO here I am again, 3 (yes I said THREE) months since my last post. Sorry life has a way of interrupting sometimes…heck who am I kidding?! ALL THE TIME! So since the last post we’ve had 4 Holidays come and pass..lets start with Halloween.

Let me first start by saying it went so much better than I hoped for or expected it to. 🙂 Sawyer dressed up as “Where’s Waldo?” And although to some his costume might have been a lousy choice it worked for him so it worked for us! It was sensory friendly and he left his beanie on the entire time we were out trick r’ treating! That was just icing on the cake. So we started in our neighborhood but quickly realized everyone was either gone to other neighborhoods getting candy or simply didn’t participate by handing out candy to the kiddos. However; one kind dad stopped us to give Sawyer some candy and much to our surprise SAWYER PICKED OUT HIS OWN CANDY…AND PUT IT IN HIS OWN BAG!!! I wish I would have videotaped that moment, yes I know to some that would sound silly but that’s a BIG (little) milestone in our world. We ended up in another neighborhood and Sawyer willingly walked like a big boy the entire 2 hours and we got plenty of candy for his first Halloween “doing it like a big boy.” His dad and I call that a success!!!

Sawyer’s specialized Candy bag with Autism friendly notes
Trick r’ treating with Mom & Dad

Mom & Sawyer Halloween 2018

Fall went by rather quickly it seems..after Halloween, Thanksgiving came and went. We went to my side of the family gathering since my husband’s family lives all over the U.S. We didn’t have to travel very far thankfully. I say that because Sawyer has never been a child who likes extended periods of time spent in the car. We ate, we spent time with family..and Sawyer actually joined in on some rough house play with his cousins and his uncle Josh. Again all in all, a successful Holiday! Quick & painless.

Sawyer, Dad & Mom Thanksgiving Day 2018
Rough House play with Uncle Josh
Me with my younger siblings & Parents

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