New supplements..New milestones

I know it’s been two months since our first post, I’m sorry. Life happened ๐Ÿ™‚ We have since done some research on a Protocol that has taken off in the Autism world..our world. IT goes by the name of “The Nemechek Protocol.” I read the 12 chapter book over a weekend and immediately discussed it with my husband and we decided to move forward with it. Sawyer was on a probiotic, allergy meds (oral and nasal) we removed those from his daily routine and added in the following supplements { Organic agave inulin- which is a prebiotic, Omega 3 oil & we cook his foods with EVOO-extra virgin olive oil}. These supplements are to help any gut & brain inflammation he may have, subside and allow the brain and gut to function as intended. Once we started this we noticed a change in his bathroom habits but nothing some A&D ointment couldn’t heal. When his body finally leveled back out he showed some great improvements in many areas. His receptive language progressed greatly. He started to follow directions and responding to his name even more than before. It was like he woke up and realized we existed! Its been wonderful. He no longer needed medication to help him go to the bathroom (his constipation subsided greatly). He’s been able to tolerate going outside with minimal issues from the pollen/ outside elements without the allergy meds we removed from his daily medication regimen and has slept better overall. We hope that as the months pass with the help of his therapies he will continue to make progress in other areas that pertain to his intellectual milestones, his speech development, sensory processing, etc. I will do my best to continue to update you all on our journey with this – thanks for understanding my reasoning for being away so long!